QR Code SMS How to Create QR code SMS.


There is a very easy way to create QR Code SMS . Assumed you are familiar how QrCodeGo works(if no, pls  learn how to create your code How to create QR code) . Choose SMS button and fill all related fields :

  • Telephone Number.
  • SMS text.

Customize your code setting shapes, colors, logo and so on...

Finally click Generate QR Code . Then you can download your code using download button or via link visible below configuration's window. Please scan it to be sure if your code is working what you expected! Be informed that at the moment there is no automatic check against proper scanning.

What is generated - QR code generator, generates a text in format visible below:

SMSTO:TelephoneNumber:SMSText , so for TelephoneNumber -+48 666 666 666 and SMSText - This is my SMS we have it :

SMSTO:+48 66 666 666:This is my  SMS