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QrCodeGo v3.0

Gives you ability to generate:

  • QR code link

  • QR code text

  • QR code phone number

  • QR code SMS

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QrCodeGo v3.0 ...

Online generator is free for noncommercial use, as well as for commercial use! So get your code for:

  • QR code email

  • QR code WiFi

  • QR code VCard

  • QR code GPS position

  • QR code logo

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Easy to Use

Customize external and internal eye.

Customize element's shape.

Customize your colours.

Customize error's correction.

Ninja Go!

Download your QR code as png file !

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QrCodeGo works as:

  • Online responsive generator.
  • Chrome Plugin - Planned feature.
  • Firefox Plugin - Planned feature.
  • Android App - Planned feature.
  • IOS App - Planned feature.
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We are just starting!

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